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Project Finance Course in Bali

As Indonesia is experiencing tremendous growth in oil & gas and power sector, and many projects require financing, therefore Energy Nusantara is conducting the upcoming Project Finance Course Series … [Read More...]

How to Write Executive Summary

While the business plan’s executive summary is the first thing the readers of your business plan see, it should be the last part of the business plan you write. The purpose of the executive summary … [Read More...]

Preparing Your Investor Presentation

You’ve secured a meeting with a potential investor. You must first understand the makeup of the audience and the objective of the meeting. Being completely prepared involves fully understanding the situation … [Read More...]

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Avalist Investor adalah nama lain bagi PT. Permata Senayan Properti yang artinya penjamin bagi investor. Kami memberikan jaminan kepada investor yang ingin menanamkan modalnya di Indonesia dan memberikan layanan konsultasi dan asistensi bagi pengusaha-pengusaha yang memerlukan akses dana dari investor asing. Seiring waktu, kami kini menjadi tempat pertemuan antara investor-investor manca negara dengan pengusaha-pengusaha regional yang membutuhkan investor untuk mendanai proyeknya.


Top 3 Qualities for Entrepreneurs to Attract Angel Investors

If you want to attract angel investor, you need improve yourself to these three qualities. What are they? See what Ryan Scoot says in the video.

Ryan Scott is founder and CEO of CauseCast, you can view more posts here on Docstoc or follow him on Twitter.

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